Strategy Overhaul 1 (1)
Companies that follow the wrong path don’t get lost, they disappear.

Defining your company by what you do is, at best, limiting; and at worst, terminal. Even good companies lose their way following suboptimal practices from the past.

Winning firms advance with purpose. They consistently calibrate their business operations to provide real value in real time.

Are you ready to discover the best way forward?

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Strategy Overhaul 2 (1)
Traditional competitive dynamics fail to meet today’s business challenges.

Companies that focus on the specific value they offer clients, and the precision through which they do so, have a philosophical and practical head start.

This qualitative mindset creates an immediate and lasting quantitative advantage.

It's time to unify and optimize your business strategy.

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Every once in a while, you cross paths with someone who has a massive impact on your life. While his skills are exceptional, it's his desire to guide you beyond your own wildest dreams that makes the encounter with Alexander a truly precious gift.

Nicole Picthall, Founder, Question Lab 42

Your hard work. Rewarded.

Maximize profit. 
Create the most impactful organization. 
Achieve greatness.

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Immediate gains in ROI and cost reduction

Sustained growth rate and competitive advantage

Impact Icon


Meaningful work and positive impact on all stakeholders

Community aware and appreciative of company initiatives

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Marketing collateral clear, consistent and compelling 

Optimized marketing channels with precise analytics

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Unified operations lead to maximum cost benefits

Streamlined business lines are intelligent and efficient

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Clear internal communication reduces errors + increases buy-in

Productivity optimized with everyone on the same page

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Goals optimized effectively at all organizational levels

All company decisions instantly aligned with leadership goals

Are you ready to maximize profit and impact?

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Maximizing profit is the result of creating maximum value for clients.

Clients do not buy your product or service. Consumers purchase value. The only way to sustainably maximize profit is by providing value for clients above and beyond your competitors.

It is impossible to generate maximum value for clients outside of your highest values.

For the past two decades, we’ve championed ideas that leading global reports only now confirm: today, consumers choose firms who consistently communicate and demonstrate their values.

“We have always been a company that leads with our values… In fact, integrating our values into how we operate is a critical factor in our success. It differentiates us from our competitors”

Kevin Johnson, President & CEO

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Percentage of Walmart clients that want them to “make it clear what values [they] stand for.”

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“[McKinsey] will not, under any circumstances, engage in any work, anywhere in the world, that advances or assists policies that are at odds with our values.”

Kevin Sneaker, Managing Partner

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Maximum Profit + Greatest Legacy

Value x Values (VxVˢ)

Value x Values (VxVS) elevates fundamental management strategy techniques. 

VxVS enhances opportunities in today’s post-industrial information age. 

Applying VxVS to all business operations provides the surest path to maximum profit, while creating the greatest impact in legacy.

Achieving greatness together.

Discover how we generate extraordinary profit by infusing purpose into all business activities. Click below to meet Alexander Michael Gittens.

I’ve spent several million dollars on direct response advertising and in conjunction with that, tens of thousands on marketing and advertising agencies and consultants. In all of my experience, Alexander stands out as the best strategist and thinker.

Peter D. Lenn, Ph.D., CEO, The Daniels Group LLC

Our process. Proven.

Learn how we maximize profit and impact for your organization.

All new projects start with our Strategy LaunchPad. Three stages. Live strategy sessions. Complete business review. Incredible results.

Yes. We have worked with executives from over 400 companies, located all over the world, in many different industries.

In the event that things do not fit due to scheduling or value differences, we will let you know up front with no fee whatsoever.

We will work together in live strategy sessions with you and your leadership team via Zoom phone/online meeting platform:

  • Connect easily by computer, mobile device or phone
  • Local + international connections are instant + clear 
  • Live sessions securely recorded + transcribed for review and your records

Yes. We work together with your company leadership in live strategy sessions.

Applying our proprietary Value x Values (VxVS) strategy optimization technique systematically:

  • Aligns all business actions with leadership's vision and goals
  • Exposes underserved market opportunities
  • Identifies avenues for immediate ROI + sustained growth
  • Creates compelling marketing tactics for immediate conversion + lifetime revenue-per-customer
  • Empowers instant decision making for maximum profit + impact
  • Neutralizes internal obstacles to achieving greatness

Optimized tactics are analyzed throughout the implementation process and redeployed accordingly. The entire process is deep, thorough and incredibly effective.

All new projects start with our Strategy LaunchPad. Three stages. Live strategy sessions. Complete business review. Incredible results.

You will have all key strategy questions addressed successfully during the Strategy LaunchPad. It is a wonderful process that builds a solid strategic framework and forms a great relationship with our team.

Oftentimes, from this successful point, we will continue to work together to develop and implement pristine company-wide strategy solutions. The outcomes are phenomenal.

Adding additional value, we offer Business Accelerator plans based on organization size. No locked-in contracts or future obligations.

Accelerator Enterprise

Accelerator SME

  • Established Organization
  • Leadership team
  • Semi-Annual billing
  • Under $10M revenue
  • Executive point of contact
  • Quarterly billing

Yes. The most effective strategy will always leverage existing company assets.

Our proprietary Value x Values (VxVS) strategy optimization technique will identify exciting opportunities for maximizing both profit and impact. We will creatively determine the best course of action for your unique situation.

By working closely with your leadership team, we will ensure optimal deployment and the ultimate ROI.

Let’s get started.

All new projects start with our Strategy LaunchPad.
Three stages. Four weeks.
10x ROI Guaranteed.

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1st Stage: Audit
  • Detail leadership vision + business KPIs
  • Spotlight challenges + opportunities
  • Complete business overview
  • Create 10x ROI blueprint

Clear framework of your strategic advantage, company vision and leadership values.

2nd Stage: Alignment
  • Deploy our Value x Values (VxVS) optimization techniques.

Synergetic connection of what consumers want most, what you do best and your strongest profit drivers.

3rd Stage: Acceleration
  • Calibrate entire sales system
  • Enhance total market offerings
  • Optimize all content + collateral 
  • Maximize LTV + ROI

Achieve business KPIs and leadership goals, faster and bigger than imaginable.

Outcome? Incredible.

Your Strategy LaunchPad creates record profits that keep growing year-after-year, and total purpose alignment in everything you do. Guaranteed.

Process? Perfected.

Zero financial risk.
No waiting for results.

No extra time commitment.
Zero administrative drag.

In this day of unsatisfied promises it’s refreshing to work with someone who had not forgotten the importance of delivering on his word. Alexander truly exceeded my expectations.

Howard Krawitz, CEO, Global Village Marketing & Data Services


Let’s add a million or more to your top line, completely aligned with your vision and values, faster than imaginable, with zero stress and without adding to your workload.

All new projects start with our Strategy LaunchPad.
Three stages. Four weeks.
10x ROI Guaranteed.

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