Terms & Conditions

We provide business leaders with a unique perspective that looks beyond business performance as strictly transactional, quantitative or prescriptive. It is not our aim to myopically offer tips and tricks to make more money.

Maximizing profit should be a result of providing maximum value for clients in complete alignment with the highest values of leadership. It's what we believe. Profit for profit sake is not wrong per se, just disinteresting to us.

Our philosophical position on business strategy is both a magnet and a filter for the clients we work with. Towards this end, business leaders who find our materials compelling should confidently go deeper into our ideas.

Indeed there will be managers who are curious or dubious about our approach. While we encourage these professionals in their endeavors, there is no reason to consider working together. Our desire to create Profit + Purpose, Money + Meaning and Income + Impact is not superficial or for show. It's everything to us.

So, there are no binding terms. No hidden conditions.

We are committed to giving our all in all we do. Clients should contemplate everything we offer in combination with their own ideas and intellect. Fuelled by intent made action, these leaders will enthusiastically implement a wonderful way of operating that projects their highest values, provides the most value for clients and achieves all of their business goals.

Always upward. Ever onward.