Higher Profit.

September 12, 2021



Some business leaders want to go beyond just making money. They want to create wealth and a unique impact that lasts for all time.

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Higher Profit.

There are only two questions in life that truly matter.

What do you want?
What are you willing to sacrifice for?

Some business leaders want more than just making money. They want to create a unique impact on the world that is worthy of their passions, talents and values.

These executives want to maximize profit as never before. Yet, they see beyond black and red figures on a two-dimensional page. It’s about living a life of purpose. They want to create real wealth. The kind that uplifts communities. The kind that creates positive outcomes that last for all-time.

It’s wonderful.
That’s higher profit.

For our clients, traditional measures of achievement just aren’t enough. They demand more from themselves. They believe success just isn’t success if they are not also creating the biggest positive impact for themselves, the people they love and the world around them.

It’s always been their goal. It’s always been their truest source of motivation: building something beautiful and unique that lasts for generations. But somehow, despite their impressive career and notwithstanding the commendable organization they’ve led, the need for deeper purpose took a backseat to the pursuit of profit.

The realities of growth demanded their total focus. Competitors with inferior products seduced their clients – that had to be addressed. The market went up and down. The crazy pace of the information age guaranteed there were always both exciting opportunities to analyze and big fires to put out.

Yet, steadfast through the years, was that desire. The need to, not only produce the biggest income, but to create an incredible positive impact that would go on and on.

Profit and Purpose? Income and Impact?

Our clients reject the tired narrative that you have to lose money to gain meaning. They know better than to accept a zero-sum mindset. However, big questions remain.

  1. How do you discover your true purpose and express it every day in life and leadership?
  2. How do you infuse passion into everything your company does?
  3. How do you convince clients you're on their side and committed to their goals?

Above all, how do you know that your actions today will create your vision for the future? Can you guarantee your choices will create incredible outcomes in your family and community, with your employees and clients, and for the world around you?

We’ve created a wonderful formula to maximize profit and purpose.
We’ve developed a proven method to optimize both income and impact.

It takes discipline and sacrifice. You have to be proactive and reflective. You can’t take moments off. Maximizing profit and your unique impact on the world requires complete reformulations across the entire spectrum of your choices.

Maximizing income and purpose isn’t easy. You must give it your all. For the business leaders we work with, there is no other life worth living.

Alexander Michael Gittens

What Are You Selling?

To apply our equation for maximizing income and impact, you first have to know what you’re selling. It seems simple enough. But most business leaders don’t even know what they’re selling.

If you ask them, they’ll most likely speak about their products or the services they offer. But the truth is, no one has ever purchased a product or service. Never. Not in the history of humans.

No one has ever purchased a product or service. We have only ever purchased ‘value.’

Alexander Michael Gittens

Whether we realize it or not, we have only ever purchased ‘value’ -- not a product or a service. A simple example illustrates this point.

Grocery Stores vs. Restaurants: An Illustration

Imagine purchasing $100 of food at a grocery store versus eating $100 worth of food at a restaurant. Same amount of money. Same product: food.

But spending $100 at a grocery store may buy enough food to prepare over a dozen meals, while $100 spent at a restaurant may only purchase one or two meals. Given this discrepancy, did you get a great deal at the grocery store or were you taken advantage of at the restaurant?

Many will say that neither statement is true. They’ll say it depends on what the customer wants at the time. 100%. They are right.

If people buy products and services rather than ‘value’, spending $100 to get a meal or two at a fancy restaurant would never make sense. You could instead purchase enough food to last for a few days at a grocery store for the same $100.

People buy value.
Real, or perceived.

It is helpful to reframe individual purchase decisions in a different light. Rather than asking what price was paid, there’s a better question. How much value was received?

Value Received at the Restaurant

  • A luxurious atmosphere
  • Intimacy
  • Quality time with someone important
  • Culinary expertise
  • A unique experience

You were able to leave work behind. Not cook for an evening. Have someone else do the dishes. Have someone else deal with your kids. So much value.

Value Received at the Grocery Store

  • Saved money
  • Saved time with one-stop-shopping and the ability to stock-up
  • Full control over your diet and nutrition
  • Incredible product variety

You also enjoyed the convenience of shopping carts, free parking, express checkout lanes and those awesome 'grab-and-go' cooked meals. So much value.

Your customers are not buying your products or your services. They are purchasing value. They are paying for what they value.

Price is what they pay. Value is what they get.

Alexander Michael Gittens

Our equation for maximizing profit and impact has two variables. The first variable is 'Value.' In order to maximize your income and your purpose, you have to provide your customers with the maximum value possible.

This goes so far beyond the underlying product or service you offer. Every sense must be engaged. Mind, body and spirit must be afire. A transcendent experience.

One we create conscientiously by building our 'Client Value Stack.'

Client Value Stack

Think of all the elements that make up your product or service as the building blocks of value. Quality materials, innovation, clarity, simplicity and safety. These all add value for your clients. You’re building your Client Value Stack.

Let’s go higher. The value you offer clients increases as you improve their buying experience.

Multiple payment methods, flexible payment terms, easy returns, beautifully designed spaces, friendly and knowledgeable support personnel, free delivery and migration assistance.

The Client Value Stack grows higher. Your clients are happier. As the real and perceived value increases, so can your prices. Even better, your solutions stand apart and above competitors.

At every stage in the development and deployment of your solutions, creatively find ways to add more and more value for clients. Become manically obsessed with every block in your Client Value Stack. The process never stops.

With time, new technology will be developed -- another company may get there before you. Consumer preferences change. New competitors enter the market.

These inevitable events erode your Client Value Stack. So, you have to be vigilant. Constantly and consistently fortifying the value you offer your clients.

Soon enough, your business decision-making will align with the importance of building your Client Value Stack. Those old debates over new features and initiatives will no longer be won by the loudest argument or the most senior voice.

There will only be one thing that matters. There will be only one question to answer: does this feature or initiative, maximize the value we provide clients as no one else can? Are we satisfying a deep need or a special want by providing clients with superior value that surpasses their own expectations?

It’s not just a good idea. It’s beyond a clever strategy. People don’t buy products and services, they actually buy value. That’s why in our equation for maximizing net income and impact, 'Value' is the first variable.

Let’s connect the dots. To maximize profit, you must maximize your Client Value Stack. Give clients your all. Provide things that matter to them in ways no one else can. Nothing else matters. Consider everything: social, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Everything.

To maximize your profit and your purpose -- to generate the most income and impact -- never stop searching for ways to provide your clients with the most value imaginable.

Alexander Michael Gittens

The equation we have developed for maximizing profit and impact is revealing itself beautifully. We know it has two variables. We’ve learned that the first variable is 'Value.'

We’re all in. We are fully committed to building the strongest and highest Client Value Stack. It’s the perfect plan. It will optimize the effect of the 'Value' portion of our formula.

The second element in our equation for optimizing purpose and income answers two important questions. Quintessential questions all business leaders must address.

What should we do?
Are the things we're doing our best at, the best things to do?

Big questions. The answer is equally epic.

What to do is a secondary concern. If you want to maximize profit and impact there is a bigger priority. Ensure that every individual action your business executes is in complete alignment with your highest values.

The importance of operating inside of your highest values touches every aspect of your business. It has a profound and lasting effect on your Client Value Stack.

Alexander Michael Gittens

Maximizing value for clients is an important place to start, but now we are going far beyond that. We are pouring all of the things that drive us and inspire us into each and every action we make. We are projecting our ultimate desires in all aspects of our offerings.

Purpose is no longer far away or something hidden to be discovered. We infuse purpose, passion and legacy into everything we do.

Each individual building block of value gets bigger. It now contains, not just the maximum value for clients, but also our deepest hopes for ourselves, the people we love and the world around us. Our Client Value Stack gets wider, more stable and grows taller. But that’s just the beginning. It gets even better than that.

Do you recall? Competitive forces, shifts in consumer preferences and technological advances, destabilize our Client Value Stack over time.

Those market factors are beyond any one company’s control. But not only does operating inside your highest values enlarge each unit of value you offer, it binds them together.

Bigger and stronger. Solidifying customer loyalty while generating the most lifetime revenue per client.

Blow winds blow. Welcome the tempest.
Operating inside of your highest values is a force multiplier.

Let’s break it down. In order to maximize your income and your purpose, you have to provide customers with the maximum value possible. We’ve learned this goes so much deeper than the underlying product or service you offer.

First Variable: 'Value'

Producing next-level delivery of value optimizes your Client Value Stack. You are amplifying the first variable in our profit and purpose equation. Give clients the most value imaginable. That's the 'Value' factor.

Second Variable: 'Values'

The second factor in our income and impact equation, relates to how you do the things you do. It's simple, but it's not easy. You have to align every individual action with your highest values. That is the 'Values' factor.

Wrap all of your business activities, big and small, in your highest values. Surround every choice, even the ones people don’t see, with your highest values.

Alexander Michael Gittens

When you purpose each incremental action for greatness and legacy, you’ve breathed life into our formula. By executing everything you do at the apex of your highest values, you’re enlarging the second variable in our equation: 'Values.'

That’s how you maximize profit and purpose.
That’s how you get the most income and the most impact.

In everything you do. Every business activity. Every management decision. Every leadership initiative. Ask yourself: is this action providing the most value for clients parallel with my highest values?

Does this incremental action, decision or initiative provide the most value for our clients in complete alignment with our highest values?

Alexander Michael Gittens

Building Value: A Client Story

I remember my first meeting with my client -- a CEO of a residential development company in Utah. Growing up, he worked on construction sites with his father. During our onboarding process, he reminisced on how they would build houses by hand. One at a time. A simple business set up. Nothing like the sophisticated operations he leads today.

His voice filled with pride as he told me about his father's carpentry abilities. How his old man was an exquisite finisher with immaculate attention to detail. How dad went beyond simply making sure things were straight and smooth. His fits and finishes were pristine. His workmanship of the highest standard. My client respected his father’s work ethic and admired how he could turn an ordinary log into a beautiful work of art.

Now on one hand, through our equation for maximizing income and impact, I’m making a case for excellence. Incremental and continuous excellence across your organization. That should be an open and shut argument. The importance of excellence should sell itself.

Deeper than that however, are the unique touches and personal pride the older gentleman applied to every stick and every brick. He left his mark. He gave it his all. Even if someone was to copy the same blueprint, they couldn’t do it quite like him. Because he was more than just a carpenter, he was an artist and craftsman. And he cared.

When I speak with executives, I know they care. It's clear as they express the outcomes they want for their company. It's evident in how they describe the trajectory they wish to chart. The big picture is often beautiful. But what about the details? How do we bring this vision to life?

The fundamental question asked by our equation for maximizing profit and impact, is not why you are doing what you do? It's not about the big goals you want to achieve.

It’s examining how you do things.
It is adding purpose and impact to everything you do.

Today, our client in Utah has developed his father’s small carpentry outfit into a residential development enterprise. He’s no longer swinging a hammer beside dad all summer long -- like he did when he was a teenager. But even though he’s not on every job site every day, the way in which he longs to operate his company reflects the same quality, care and attention to detail he saw his father apply to every piece of wood he touched.

Let's look deeper. It was never about wooden boards and steel nails. It was never about ceiling trusses and floor joists. Whether talking about the father’s first carpentry company, or the son’s current development enterprise, they were never building houses. Not to them. They were crafting a home. A safe place from which families in their town could take their love for each other and spread it near and far. They have always been building their community in the wonderful way they envision it. Carefully, intentionally and beautifully constructed.

Creating the Maximum Value for Clients

Do you see how this father and son create the maximum value for clients? They view each individual step in the home building process as vitally important and worthy of their exacting attention to detail. That’s how they build their Client Value Stack. This fulfills the first variable of our profit and purpose equation: create superior value for clients as no one else can.

Operating Inside Your Highest Values

Do you see how they live out their highest values by viewing each domicile they build, not as a product to be sold, but as a home? A warm place that nurtures the soul of the community they love. That’s operating inside your highest values. This fulfills the second variable of our profit and purpose equation: align each and every action with your highest values.

The metaphor hits home. We all want to live inside a structure constructed with such care. When we hire someone to perform a task for our family or business, we hope they have the same meticulous attention to detail. We want them to do things completely and honorably, without having to be watched. We want them to keep their word, use the correct materials and deliver on time.

We want their best effort and to treat our project like it was their own. We want them to have personal pride in what they deliver, even though it wasn’t created for their own use.

We hope they give it their all.
We hope they create the most value for us.

Generating the most income and impact is not far away. Creating the most profit and purpose doesn’t need to be discovered. It’s here and now. It is the natural result of specifically-calibrated choices for each and every decision you make. It is a majestic function of mindful actions executed moment-by-moment.

Alexander Michael Gittens

Our equation to maximize income and impact informs all of your actions. Half measures don’t work. If it’s not everything, then it’s nothing. It’s not about intellect. It goes beyond intentions. So, for a moment, let’s stop thinking about what we want to do. Instead, let’s examine how we do the things we do.

Key Questions for Business Leaders

'Maximum Value' Question

Look at your offerings from your clients' perspective. Carefully review your product line, website, social media, sales scripts and all other marketing materials. Surgically inspect every feature, description and image. Does it create the most value for clients?

'Highest Values' Question

Dissect every word. Inspect your pricing and packaging. Is it unclear or deceptive in any way? Change it. Bring everything in line with your highest values in a way that offers the most value to clients.

Decision-Making Criteria

If any product, service or solution is not adding maximum value for clients and if any action is not in complete alignment with the things that matter to you the most, then either improve it until it is, or discontinue it completely.

Purpose cannot be put off. Value cannot be deferred. It is in every moment. It is in everything you do.

Alexander Michael Gittens

Now, the counter argument is, if we get rid of all of our products that don’t live up to our highest principles, then what will we sell customers? It’s an impossible standard. Maybe, but let's address this critique inversely.

If you are not providing clients with the most value possible, then when you take their money, you are extracting value from them. If you systematically extract value from customers, your business model is unsustainable. Anything that is unsustainable will, in time, lead to destruction. It’s inevitable in nature. It’s unavoidable in business.

Remember, people buy value. Nothing else.
They will never stop trying to find the most value.

You can only trade on your brand name and past successes for so long. Continuously maximizing customer value and operating inside of your highest values is the consummate way to maximize income and impact.

It guarantees your business will survive.
It guarantees your business will thrive.

Two College Friends: An Illustration

Imagine you had a friend from college. Someone you haven’t seen for years and then, out of the blue, he gives you a call.

After a few pleasantries, he explains to you that he’s in a bad way. An investment has gone awry. He used their family home as collateral and is facing foreclosure. He needs a short-term loan. "Just a few thousand dollars." He says he doesn't know where else to turn. You lend him the money. He pays you back eventually and then you don’t hear from him again for a while.

Until one day, you get another phone call from that same college friend. He tells you his marriage is on the rocks. He has to leave the house and needs a place to stay until "he gets back on his feet." He wants to know if you have a spare bedroom, "even a couch will do..."

Now picture a second friend from college, another person you haven’t heard from for years, calls you out of nowhere.

After some small talk, she reveals she was thinking about you as she drove past the old campus ice cream parlor. That same canteen outside which you listened to her problems and gave her the best advice you could so many years ago.

She thanks you, confessing that, at the time, she didn’t understand or appreciate your advice. But it was ultimately your nuggets of wisdom that helped point her in the right direction when it mattered most. It’s a great phone call. You promise to catch up again soon.

Then picture that same college friend calls you a few years later. She says,

"I haven’t had a chance to get out your way as yet, but I have tickets for an amazing production in your town that I can’t use. It’s a great package. It includes dinner and car service. I thought of you right away when we realized we couldn’t make it."

She confirms your email address, sends you the tickets and promises to catch up again in the near future.

Two different college friends, each one contacting you on two separate occasions.

Now imagine, at a later date, you are going through a tough time. Not crippling, but definitely a sensitive period.

The phone rings, you check the caller ID and it is the first college friend: the guy who asked to borrow money and sleep on your couch. Even though you don’t know why he is calling this particular time, do you pick up the phone? Not a chance. You’re dealing with enough already.

Now, consider you are going through that same hard patch and you get another phone call. You check the caller ID and it is the second college friend: the one that thanked you for your advice, sent you awesome tickets and promised to catch up with you next time they’re in town. You do not know why she is calling this time, but do you pick up the phone? Absolutely. Her positive energy is most welcome during your challenging time.

It’s a perfect illustration of building loyalty with your customers.
Consistently delivering value maximizes your lifetime revenue per customer.

Your first college friend wasn’t a bad person...

But he was continually extracting value from you. Trading on a past relationship. Exploiting a bond built long ago.

Your second college friend probably isn’t a saint...

But every time you hear from her, she is adding value to your life. She is thoughtful and goes beyond good intentions, she backs it up with actions.

When you consistently give people the most value inside of your highest values, they will trust you. They will choose you, even when times are down.

Alexander Michael Gittens

You can give a customer a good deal on their first purchase and offer them a discount for their second transaction. They will come back. It’s called repeat business. But that's not true customer loyalty.

Loyalty is when customers still decide to stick with you when there is a newer, shinier and cheaper option available. It's when customers choose you every time, because they’ve received value from you that goes deeper than merely the product or service you provided to them.

That’s 'Higher Profit.'
Creating the most value for clients in alignment with your highest values.

It’s not about designing some tremendous future initiative. It’s not decoding the perfect competitive advantage. And it’s not just about your website, packaging and promotion, as we touched on previously. It is in everything you do. Those tiny incremental decisions, actions and interactions your business takes and makes each day.

Let's keep it real. Things move too quickly these days to be unsure of what constitutes as solid strategic actions. There are too many important variables in business to be unclear on who you are and how you operate.

So, focus on every action and every moment. As a business leader, ask yourself: are you ok with everything that your business does -- in front of clients, with employees and even behind the scenes -- are you ok with every action that your business takes representing everything it will ever become? Everything you will ever be, in legacy?

When I ask myself that question, I realize purpose needs to inhabit everything I do. Just like our opinion of those two college friends, creating the most value for clients at the pinnacle of our highest values comes down to consistent patterns of behavior over time.

To create the most income and the biggest impact possible, change your goals. Change your focus. It’s not about doing big things in the future. It’s creating a legacy of profit and purpose though each tiny detail. Moment-by-moment.

Alexander Michael Gittens

‘Value times Values’ is our equation for maximizing profit and purpose. A proven way to generate both income and impact.

Profit is not the driving factor. Rather, it is a wonderful result. Maximizing profit is a natural product of creating maximum value for customers in alignment with your highest values.

It’s not about sacrificing income for impact. That’s a false choice. We don’t lose profit to gain purpose. We create more of both.

Executing our equation for profit and purpose requires vision, commitment and discipline.

You have to choose long-term impact over short-term revenue every time. You must ignore all opportunities incongruent with your highest values, no matter what. And with this focus, generate massive value for customers.

Price is what they pay. Value is what they get.

Alexander Michael Gittens

The first variable in our equation for maximizing income and creating the biggest impact is: 'Value.'

It is vital that your business produces superior value. It is imperative that you build the strongest and most complete Client Value Stack.

  1. Creating the most profit and impact in legacy is the 'why'
  2. Delivering the most value to customers is the 'what'
  3. Calibrating every action to your highest values is the 'how'

Align your leadership values with your business practices. Exhaustively and intentionally.

Purpose is revealed through the cumulation of each individual choice. There are no big decisions, there are no small decisions. Every action matters.

  • There is no version of greatness that ignores integrity
  • There is no meaningful impact excluding purpose
  • There is no lasting legacy outside of your highest values

That’s why the second variable in our equation for maximizing income and creating the biggest impact is: 'Values.'

Weave your highest values beautifully and unconditionally through every fiber of your organization.

Generate never-before-experienced levels of profit with clarity and consistency. Lead with passion and purpose. Create a legacy-worthy impact that goes on and on. Submit every choice to a simple test: is this action creating the most value for customers in complete alignment with my values?

What a way to move through life -- maximizing profit and purpose. It's wonderful. A stirring anthem of income and impact.

The pursuit of profit quarter-by-quarter is not inherently bad. But it’s myopic. And it tempts leaders, even those with the strongest integrity, to compromise their highest values in service of short-term gains. It’s a tale as old as time.

Rather than looking side-to-side in search of profit, with faith, look within. Dive into the depths of what you care about the most. Create value on high. Provide incredible outcomes for clients at a dizzying altitude.

This qualitative approach will generate superior quantitative results -- above and beyond anything you’ve previously experienced. It doesn’t stop there. Our 'Value x Values' (VxVs) equation enhances your essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as never before.

Leadership Goals

You’ll strengthen your leadership goals with higher quality decisions and a higher quantity of decisions.

You’ll make quicker strategic pivots in a naturally lean organizational framework.

Organizational Goals

All enterprise goals will happen faster and better with pristine company-wide communication. Huge gains from team buy-in and optimized productivity as well.

Sales Goals

Operating inside your values increases customer value, which increases sales. The positive effect that our 'Value x Values' (VxVs) equation creates on sales is instant. Even better, it automatically creates the maximum possible lifetime Revenue Per Customer.

A synonym for branding is consistency. The consistency produced by employing our 'Value x Values' (VxVs) equation builds momentum throughout all your marketing and communication activities. You’ll no longer draft lazy surveys that customers ignore. You’ll never again send bland email campaigns that barely make a blip. You now have the silk thread that optimally links together everything you say and everything you do.

Growth Goals

Our 'Value x Values' (VxVs) equation for income and impact naturally embraces “Lean” methodologies for incremental and continuous improvement. It future-proofs your business against unforeseen changes in the competitive landscape and shifting consumer preferences alike.

The undeniable effect on your Human Resources is considerable -- lowering recruitment costs and increasing the effectiveness of attracting and retaining top talent.

You will operate from altitude. You won’t just stand apart from the competition, you will stand above the competition. It’s time to lead in the markets and ideas that mean the most to you.

Profit is great. Don’t let anyone tell you it's not. Be ambitious. Get it all. But, let making money and growing your company be the result of producing extraordinary value inside of your highest values, not the reason for running a business in the first place.

There's better motivation. There's cleaner fuel. There is Higher Profit: the opportunity to create incredible outcomes that amplify all the things you care about in ways no one else can.

A Lesson Learned in Failure

I come from an immigrant family. I grew up in pretty bad neighborhoods. Just as our family was getting on track, my father got sick. I was about seven years old. My mother had us three kids, all under the age of ten. She ended up cashing in her retirement savings to take care of us. We went from being in an ok position, to a very scary financial situation.

I realized at that point, I had made a decision inside my young mind I knew I would stick with for years to come. That decision was, when I got the chance to leave home, find a job and earn for my family, I would make so much money -- I would ensure my family was never in an insecure financial position again.

Because, as a kid, maybe I didn't fully understand what it meant for my dad to be in the hospital and sick for a year and a half. Maybe I didn't comprehend exactly how bad the situation was financially. But, what I do remember -- and many who have had sicknesses or different financial hardships in their families can relate -- I'll never forget how it felt.

I remember feeling trapped as stress weighed down on our family. How it strained relationships. How it made every conversation more difficult. How it made happy moments less happy and sad moments almost unbearable. That's why I decided, in my young mind, that I was going to make a lot of money one day.

When I went away to college, I lost my scholarships because I didn't focus. I lost my bursaries because my grades fell. Rather than turning to my parents and saying, "mom, dad, I need help," I turned to the streets. I started hustling to make money any way I could. And it worked... for a while. But before long, I found myself in scary legal proceedings. I owed seven-figure money. I had to rebuild my life. I had to rebuild my reputation. I had to start all the way over.

At that place. At the bottom. I realized, my life, my family and everything positive I wanted to create had fallen apart because I chased money and ignored my values. I made an important choice that ignited purpose and focus in my young life.

I made the decision that, no matter what I did moving forward, I would operate inside of my highest values.

The importance of purpose, impact and greatness cannot be put off.

Alexander Michael Gittens

I used to think my greatness was hidden. I used to think my greatness was far away. I used to think, to become great, I needed to do a whole bunch of things in a specific order.

I used to think that once I'm rich, then people will listen to me. Once I'm educated, people will respect me.

I used to think that once I made a name for myself, that I would matter.

But living with purpose, generating wealth and creating impact is not a sequential set of steps.

It's not far away. It's not hidden.

It's right here and it's right now in the moment-by-moment choices I make.

That's how you generate the most profit.
That's how you create the biggest impact.

Yearn to produce the most value for yourself, the people you love and the world around you and each and every moment. At the same time, ensure each and every action you take is inside of your highest values.

I quit praying to the god of net income. It wasn’t the solution it promised to be. And as I moved my focus from what I could get, to who I should become, those quintessential questions resurfaced, but no longer in a nebulous way. It’s not philosophy, not anymore. It's a blueprint. My roadmap. It is the only questions that matter, answered moment-by-moment, through each and every one of my choices.

What do I want?
What am I willing to sacrifice for?

I want to become the best possible me.

I want to synthesize the highest manifestation of my talents, my passions and my values.

I want to create the biggest positive impact with my life in a way that is so unique to me and all of the things I care about most.

And as I offer superior value to clients in alignment with my highest values, I expect to generate profit as never before. So, I will discipline myself. I will make temporary sacrifices in service of my truest desires. I will advance my life towards the person I have always hoped to be. A person of character, purpose, wealth and impact.

I want to build a legacy that lasts for all time.
For me, it’s the only life worth living.

Essential Questions for Business Leaders

Is our worldview so chained to capitalism that we substitute superficial accomplishments over real joy? Is our view of customers so dehumanized that we devise marketing programs based on extracting money rather than maximizing value?

How can you win without creating superior value for customers? Look at it another way: how could you lose by providing clients with phenomenal outcomes? Think about it. It’s heads you win, and tails you don’t lose.

What do you want?
What are you willing to sacrifice for?

Isn’t the goal of a business to maximize shareholder value? Wealth that provides you with more options and more time to do the things that mean the most to you?

Isn’t life about becoming the best of your talents, passions and values and using them to create the biggest positive impact for yourself, others and the world around you?

And isn’t leadership just really influence? And if we are leaders, then what exactly are we influencing others towards?

Is profit enough?
Or, do you want more income and more impact?

If not you, then who? If not now, then when? Is greatness and legacy something that you’re willing to put off?

Do not allow an under-developed notion of success to rob you from true wealth. Don’t let it steal your true purpose.

Do you admire the standard that you hold yourself to?

Alexander Michael Gittens

You have worked so hard, sacrificed so much and overcome so many obstacles. The 20-year-old version of you would be blown away by all that you have accomplished. So many big challenges faced. So many lessons learned. You’ve started over more than once.

Take every lesson from the past. The things that didn’t go the way you planned. The incredible achievements you’ve built your reputation on. Take them all. Now, apply your hard-earned wisdom to every action you make in every moment you’re in.

Take all of your hopes and dreams, even the ones you almost lost along the way. Include the impact you want to create in the future for your family and your community. Incorporate the legacy you want to be remembered for long after you're gone. Take them all. Now, apply your deepest desires to every action you make in every moment you’re in.

Do you hear what I’m saying?
I’m asking you to move backwards and forwards through time.

Bring everything you ever were. Everything you have learned. Everything you want to be. Every outcome you hope to create. The purest essence of your existence. The very fibers of your soul. Express it all, right here and right now, through your moment-by-moment choices. Be all of you. The most you. Purpose every action for legacy, in leadership and in life.

And then witness the power of purpose on profit.
And then witness the power of impact on income.

Don’t settle for single-digit percentage growth. There’s more. Better. Create glorious monuments that last for all time. Reap the compound interest of tuning every action to the frequency of your soul.

Take note of where you're sitting.
Be mindful of the season.

It’s precious. The moment you decide to purpose each subsequent moment for legacy. Expecting hard choices. Welcoming sacrifice.

And your tired old sales scripts will wear away. Like the aged boardwalk pitchman. Like the last carnival barker. Familiar relics of a bygone era. Sentimental, but ineffective.

But you will smile, because you’re on your way. To deeper purpose. Towards wider impact. And Higher Profit.


Higher Profit.

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